In Memoriam


30.08.1949 – 28.04.2011

by Barbara Thorp

It is with a great deal of sadness that I write a farewell to Neville Lang. As well as being a very dear friend Neville has been an important part of the VAA for many years. Neville joined the VAA in 1990 and became a committee member about 1995. I joined the VAA committee around the same time as Neville, and when he became our President I was his Vice President and we became very close working together for a common cause. During those years Neville was the convenor of the 13th FAA Conference held in Melbourne in 2000. Committee Meetings were held at his home and there was always such a warm welcome and lovely supper to be had – those meetings were a lovely social occasion.

Neville was a true gentleman, an excellent Vedic Astrologer and when he became involved in the Systems Approach and held classes I attended these and found him to be a great teacher who imparted his knowledge with great generosity. He also encouraged many of us to do Robert Zoller’s Traditional Astrology course – and graduation night at his home was memorable.

As well as his astrological knowledge, his technology expertise was always available to us and for the support and work that both he and his wife, Georgie gave to the Victorian branch they were made Life Members of the VAA in 2006.

Recently Neville told me how fortunate he felt his life had been to spend his working life following through on his two greatest passions – software programming and Astrology. He also told me he felt his most satisfying achievements (amongst many – my words) were convening the 13th FAA International Conference in Melbourne in 2000, and the predictions he made in 2001 of the US retaliation after 9/11 (predicted to within 15 mins of the first bombs falling on Afghanistan), and his prediction in 2003 when we were experiencing the worst drought in 100 years, that the next flood cycle for Australia would occur in 2010/2011, based on the declination cycle of the North Node – also a very accurate astrological prediction well ahead of the event.
When Neville and Georgie moved to the Gold Coast we certainly missed them. Neville had the love of a good wife and his life was a happy one. He lived it to the full….and will be missed by those who knew him and loved him.

“Every man dies – Not every man really lives.”
– William Ross Wallace

5 Responses to In Memoriam

  1. Judy Keighran says:

    Barbara’s in memoriam for Neville reminded me of the workshops I attended at his home. Both Neville and Georgie made me feel very welcome.

    Neville was an excellent teacher and I was inspired by his enthusiasm for astrology. He made himself available for follow-up calls about Solar Fire and other astrological questions.

    I was sorry to hear of Neville’s passing. I am grateful for the time I spent with him. His personality and friendliness were always encouraging to newcomers in the field, and projected his optimistic approach to life’s challenges.

    Judy Keighran

  2. Peggy Marriott says:

    It is with great sadness that I have learnt through your memoriam here of Neville’s death.I also concur with all your thoughts re Neville and he certainly was a thorough gentleman and a born listener and teacher .
    I have been a friend of Georgie’s ever since she arrived in Australia and have been trying to contact her all year to no avail.If you are in contact with her please pass on my condolences to her and if I could get a contact for her I would love to speak to her

  3. David Quayle 32, Splatt street SWAN HILL Vic. 3585 says:

    My wife, Merrelle and i are devastated at the news of Neville’s passing. To put this into perspective, Georgie has been a close family friend, since she arrived in Australia in 1960 (?) and is Godmother to our second daughter Shelley. We spent many happy times together having dinner every Wednesday night whilst we were living in Melbourne. We last saw Nev & Georgie in July 2010 when we called in on them in Robina and there was no sign of nev’s illness at that time. It has come as a tremendous shock to us all. We have only discovered this through Shelley trying to contact Georgie whilst in Qld. Neville’s gentlemanly manner and unquestioned knowledge of astrology is acknowledged by my family. Vale Neville Lang.
    Inserted by David Quayle and family.

  4. June Reeder says:

    I also feel sadness that Neville has gone on ahead of us.

    I met him through the Solar Fire workshops & he was always very helpfull when I needed help.

    I have great admiration for the elders who did all the work BC (before computers)and I know Nevilles contribution was a big one, enabling so many more of us to take part. Now our understanding is beginning to have a greater acceptance.

    June Reeder

  5. Jack Black says:

    It is with tremendous sadness that I have just learned of Neville’s passing. I got to know him a few years back now when he came on board a project we were working on here in Europe. He diligently particpated on conference calls over two years and became a good though distant friend. My wife Laura and I had the privelege of meeting him in early 2010 on The Gold Coast and had a memorable dinner with him and Georgie along with Damian and Fiona McConnell who run MindStore in Australia. Neville later inspired us all when we learned of his illness and he readily travelled to Stuttgart to our centre there and did the 5 week programme for fighting Cancer. He bravely threw himself into into all of it even although he had the toughest of all conditions to beat. He departed and went quietly back home where we lost touch with him. He was a great man who had definitely been called before his work here was done. He obviously is much needed elasewhere. I can only offer my and the condolences of Laura and everyone here who got to know him over recent times. If this could be forwarded to Georhie I will be for ever grateful. In sorrow Jack Black

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