Mercury – Mystery, Mischief and Magic – Eve Dembowski – March 2018

Mercury – Mystery, Mischief and Magic – Eve Dembowski – March 2018


This presentation looks at the astronomy, astrological tradition and philosophical meanings of Mercury, as well as the practical application in charts of this ever so elusive planet.
Mercury is the inner planet that acts like an outer planet, and nobody notices. He has always been a tricky and somewhat mysterious member of our cosmic family. Mercury was the original maverick of the chart, going his own way and abiding by his own rules. His close position to the Sun, his unique cycle, his ever-changing speed and direction makes Mercury elusive and hard to keep up with. This fascinating and enigmatic little planet is often overlooked.



About The Speaker

Eve Dembowski has a Diploma of Applied Astrology from Astro*Synthesis, the FAA Practitioner’s Diploma and a Certificate in Medieval Astrology. She continues with her own study and research, with an emphasis on classical, medical and horary astrology.

Eve continues to combine the insights of astrology with the healing support of flower essences in her private practice. Much of her astrological understanding comes from direct application in raising four children. She lectures, is a published author, sees private clients, runs classical astrology classes and writes a blog.