VAA AGM and Lecture Meeting November 2016

  • November 2016 Lecture Meeting

VAA AGM and Lecture Meeting November 2016

Saturday 19th November

South Melbourne Community Centre
Corner Park St and Ferrars Place
(MEL 2K B4)

Members $7.50 – Non-Members $15

The Annual General Meeting commences at 2pm and will be immediately followed by the lecture presentation.

Predicting Natural Disasters Through Family Patterns

Lecture presented by Glorija Lawrence

Secondary progressions are somewhat overlooked in today’s astrological research but they have much to tell in conjunction with other forms of predicting. In this lecture, Glorija presents her ground-breaking research on how progressions managed to foretell an impending disaster in the unfolding story of a family involved in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake.

Fate, destiny and free will are all tied up in a neat little bundle, but how much is fate and how much is free will and can a possible disaster be avoided? Glorija will identify and investigate the mundane chart for the city (when one was not available) and back it up with some fascinating data from a previous disaster and a society murder. She will also ponder the age-old question of moral and ethical cornerstones surrounding our predictions: “Do we have the right to intervene and warn our loved ones of impending gloom and doom?” or, as always with astrology, the more questions that are answered the more we find left unanswered.

Glorija LawrenceAbout the Speaker
Glorija Lawrence embarked on a life long journey of astrology and Cosmobiology in 1983 and considers it a wonderful tool for self improvement.

She has lectured in Australia, New Zealand, Finland, India and the United States and considers it a privilege to share her thoughts and ideas on how to transform your life through this multifaceted medium.

Glorija can be contacted through her website,

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Saturday 18th February 2017
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Please note: To allow for Easter and school holidays, the date for the April 2017 VAA Lecture Meeting will be Saturday 8th

All other 2017 lecture meetings will be held on the 3rd Saturday of the month, as usual.