VAA Meeting February 2017

  • VAA Meeting February 2017

VAA Meeting February 2017

In Memoriam: Roderick Kidston

presented by Roderick Kidston

Saturday 18th February
South Melbourne Community Centre
Corner Park St and Ferrars Place,
MEL 2K B4 —- Trams: 1, 96 & 12

Tragically and unexpectedly we have lost one of our cherished and beloved VAA members, Roderick Kidston.

The Magic of the Stars by Roderick KidstonRoderick was an inspiring and devoted astrological practitioner, teacher, lecturer and writer. Recently his book The Magic of the Stars was released on Amazon, a pinnacle of his life-long research into fixed stars and their potent influence on the natal horoscope and their place in our astrological culture. Roderick was also a philosopher and mystic and his vocation wove all these threads together. Passionate too about asteroids, his work was progressive and ground-breaking and while many were intrigued, many more were strongly influenced by what he shared so freely and profoundly.
On February 18th, our regular meeting will be devoted to Roderick Kidston, friend, colleague, mentor and cherished member of our astrological community.

Everyone, whether a VAA member or not, is welcome.

Please join us to pay tribute to Roderick, his life and his work.

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