VAA Meeting March 2017

VAA Meeting March 2017

Does Size Really Matter? Which Planetary Bodies and Points are Relevant in the Modern World?

presented by Sara Gilbert

Saturday 18th March
South Melbourne Community Centre
Corner Park St and Ferrars Place,
MEL 2K B4 —- Trams: 1, 96 & 12
Members $7.50 – Non-Members $15

Where does astronomy start and astrology finish?

Philosophy, astronomy, astrology, mathematics, numerology and magic were once part of the same all-encompassing knowledge system. Today they are separate streams. The ancient mystery schools of Pythagoras, Plato and Ptolemy understood that they were inter-related and relevant parts of the same wisdom source. Archetypes were allocated to what was visible in the sky and based on practical experience of what their presence in the sky brought about. More recently, Jung taught that we all carry the same myths and archetypes in our collective unconscious.

Modern technology has enabled us to identify and learn about thousands of additional planetary bodies and hypothetical points. Does size or other astronomical characteristics stop Pluto from being an incredibly powerful influence in the charts of our clients?  Why shouldn’t asteroids, centaurs or plutoids have just as important a part to play in astrology as the bodies we have been familiar with for centuries?

Sara GilbertAbout the Speaker
Sara Gilbert has consolidated a childhood love of mythology, into astrological research and practice with intuitive asteroid archetypes. A psychological astrologer with an evolutionary focus, Sara runs her astrology school and consultancy Life Spirit Connections in Melbourne. She is an APA member, holding the FAA Diploma and Level 2 Forrest Apprentice status. She has been published in many journals and has presented lectures for most Australian State Associations as well as the 2016 FAA International Astrology Conference held in Sydney.
Sara can be contacted through her website

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