VAA Meeting October 2016

VAA Meeting October 2016

Finding your Soul’s Journey in your Birth Chart

presented by Clementine Adkins

Saturday 15th October
South Melbourne Community Centre
Corner Park St and Ferrars Place,
MEL 2K B4 —- Trams: 1, 96 & 12
Members $7.50 – Non-Members $15

There are a number of indicators in the birth chart that help us piece together the story of your soul’s journey. Various methods of soul astrology use different planets, points and/or houses to help indicate the intention of this lifetime. In this lecture we will use the main planets as used by Jeffrey Wolf Green adherents – that being Pluto, Uranus, the lunar nodes and the Moon. We will explore each player in detail and show reason as to why these particular planets and points are used in, what is loosely referred to as, past life astrology.

We will use the chart of a well known celebrity throughout the presentation to help us understand the role these planets and points play in determining a soul’s story. The focus however will not be on the celebrity as such but on you and your chart, for the object here is for each attendee to gain some awareness of their own soul’s journey. For that reason, please remember to bring your chart to the presentation.

clementineadkinssmAbout the Speaker
Clementine Adkins has been passionate about astrology ever since she first discovered the power of a birth chart back in 1998. She has studied with a number of prominent astrologers, culminating with an FAA Practitioner’s Diploma in 2005. Her study continued such that she now uses the Evolutionary Astrology of Steven Forrest and Jeffrey Wolf Green in her interactions with clients and students.

Clementine also holds a Practitioners Certificate in Deep Memory Process (a form of past life regression) and she is a Practitioner Member of the APA.

Clementine runs her successful astrology business from the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria, where she is based. It is from this base that Clementine conducts readings, holds workshops, teaches astrology classes, writes articles and newsletters and gives presentations, all based on her love for Evolutionary Astrology.

Clementine can be contacted through her website
Aquamoon Astrology –

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Lecture: Saturday 19th November 2016
VAA AGM immediately followed by
Glorija Lawrence presenting “Predicting Natural Disasters Through Family Patterns”