Saturday 17th August 2019

South Melbourne Community Centre
Cnr. Park Street & Ferrars Place, South Melbourne
Trams: 1, 12 or 96

Members $10
Non-Members $18

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Working With Saturn

presented by Christine Rothwell

With Saturn transiting Capricorn and conjunct Pluto next January it feels timely to reflect on our relationship with Saturn so we may become more conscious of how it operates in our lives. Certainly these two planets – and the sign of Capricorn – are renowned for their ‘heavy’ energy due to their association with darkness, depression and anxiety.  However, the conjunction also contains the potential for a leap of consciousness because Pluto challenges us to open ourselves to a deeper understanding of Saturn’s function. The imagery of the conjunction is both transformative and alchemical, even though neither Saturn nor Pluto deliver their gold without some sacrifice or suffering.  Sometimes it may be the sacrifice of our suffering that sets us free.

In this lecture, Christine will share her understanding of Saturn developed over her years as a practising astrologer. We will explore the soul challenges that Saturn presents to us and look at productive ways of working with the archetype, both in the natal chart and by transit.

If time allows we will take some time for a reflective process to explore the potential of Saturn and Pluto conjunction in our personal horoscopes.

Christine RothwellChristine Rothwell is a Professional Member of the Federation of Australian Astrologers [P.M.F.A.A.], an Accredited Astrology Teacher [AAT] and is currently an examiner on the F.A.A. National Examination Board.

Christine has been working as a full time professional astrologer and teacher of astrology since 1990 and has lectured at the Australian International Astrology Conferences hosted by the FAA in Melbourne and Sydney. She currently teaches a four year astrology course and prepares students to sit the FAA examinations.

Christine’s work is influenced by an interest in mythology and archetypal psychology, as well as training in counselling, psychotherapy and family therapy. Her special areas of interest are deepening awareness of the feminine points in the horoscope and combining spiritual and psychological perspectives in both her teaching and consulting work.

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