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2019 The Chinese Year of the Pig

presented by Vic Ketis

2019 is the Chinese year of the (Earth) Pig and the beginning of a new 3 Year cycle of the ‘Water’ element, which includes the Rat (2020) and the Ox (2021). What does Chinese astrology indicate about the upcoming influences of the year ahead, in an era of perhaps the greatest transition the world has known? The most recent year of the Pig was 2007. It was the time of the GFC, as well as numerous changes of government, including the end of Howard, Blair, Bush, Chirac, etc. – the end of an old order. Chinese astrology has a 60 Year cycle, the last Year of the ‘Earth Pig’ was 1959, which ushered in the revolutionary era of the 60s. The current era also being revolutionary partly being driven by technology with the next phase being the beginning of the ‘second quantum revolution’

Critical to the influences of a year to be adequately interpreted, the Cycles that it occurs in must be considered. The prominent Chinese Astrological cycles are 12 and 20 Years. These will be discussed as they are both in their last quarter square and balsamic phases. This is in the context of the ending of the larger Chinese cycle of 180 Years.

Prominent Western astrological transits and ingress’ will be considered and they may give new perspectives and insights viewed through this different lens. Particularly congruent and prominent is Pluto, which I will refer to as the ‘Progression of Pluto.’

There also are numerous discoveries in Science and Astronomy. What could they mean when viewed through a mythic narrative.

As background this lecture will briefly introduce the system of Classical Chinese Astrology. It is a Solar system of astrology compared with a Lunar System, the latter being much more prominent. It is based upon the system of the 5 Elements, which, along with Yin and Yang, form the foundations of Chinese Philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Vic KetisAbout the Speaker
Vic Ketis BSc (Mon) is the founder and Principal of The Australian Academy of Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and I Ching (1999). The Academy is a leading provider of practitioner education of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology in Australia. Vic also consults and teaches courses on the Tarot, Sacred Geometry, Western Astrology and the Divination and Scholars method of the Chinese philosophy of the I Ching. Twenty-five years of research and training has also included Chinese Medicine, Symbolism, Art History, Psychology and Mythology, Ecology and the Natural Sciences – Sociology, Science, and the integration of Sacred Geometry principles into the Feng Shui paradigm and building design.

Vic lectures extensively and presents ongoing seminars in Australia and overseas. Lectures have included the FAA conferences, and UAC in Denver (2008) and New Orleans in 2012.

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