Saturday 21st July 2018

South Melbourne Town Hall Theatrette – VENUE CHANGE until further notice
208 — 220 Bank Street, South Melbourne
Melways ref: 2K C2-C3 or 57G1.
Trams: 1, 12 or 96. Bus: 236.

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Non-Members $18

An Astrological Exploration of Adoption:
Finding ‘Mother’ in the Birth Chart

presented by Fay Reynolds

The seed for this lecture was born when Fay Reynolds, an adopted child, reflected on the image and influence of ‘mother’ in the birth chart. This lead to the obvious question: “Does our birth chart reveal how the birth mother and the adopted mother relate to us and how we perceive them?

Fay’s investigation and subsequent findings led to the writing of her Astro*Synthesis Thesis. As part of her thesis, Fay explored the image of ‘mother’ in the birth chart, and whether it mirrored the relationship with both mothers. She also interviewed a cross section of adopted people and incorporated their personal stories, significant planetary findings, and of course the Moon in their charts.

Fay’s presentation will cover all of this and more.

Fay ReynoldsAbout the Speaker
Astrology has been part of Fay Reynolds’ life for over 30 years. Her passion has always been working with people. In astrology consultations, Fay allows the chart’s imagery to gently guide the direction of a client’s self exploration, knowledge and reflection towards healing and growth.

Fay is a qualified Astrologer with an Advanced Diploma of Applied Astrology (Astro*Synthesis), and is a member of the APA and the FAA.

Fay lives in Fawkner.

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NOTE: Venue Change
from July 2018 until further notice:

South Melbourne Town Hall Theatrette
208 — 220 Bank Street, South Melbourne

Melways ref: 2K C2-C3 or 57G1
Trams: 1, 12 or 96.
Bus: 236

Best parking at South Melbourne Community Centre in Ferrars Place,
which is a 5 min walk to the Town Hall.