Saturday 9th March 2019

South Melbourne Community Centre
Cnr. Park Street & Ferrars Place, South Melbourne
Melways ref: 2K B4
Trams: 1, 12 or 96

Members $10
Non-Members $18

Greening Planet Earth

presented by Sara Gilbert

Awareness of the need for environmental conservation and the protection of endangered flora and fauna is increasing. What makes someone want to make a difference when they see these things, when Earth is being eaten away by materialism and greed, and sometimes the need of the less fortunate to survive?

In this presentation, Sara Gilbert will explore the role that certain minor planets, dwarf planets, plutoids, centaurs and asteroids have played in contributing to the preservation of our beautiful planet Earth. More specifically, she will look at Gaea, Ceres, Diana, Flora, Atlantis, Hopi, Pele, Sedna, Orcus and Haumea in the charts of pioneers of the environmental movement and those working tirelessly to save the world for future generations.

About the Speaker
Sara Gilbert is a psychological astrologer with an evolutionary focus. Sara consults and teaches through Life Spirit Connections, near Frankston in Victoria. She holds the FAA Diploma, is an APA member, and a Level Two Apprentice with Steven Forrest. Her astrology course focuses on the FAA syllabus.

Sara’s special gift is helping people decode the patterns in their lives so they feel comfortable in their own skin. She draws on the wisdom of multi-faceted esoteric systems: astrology, tarot, tree of life, numerology, and palmistry/hand analysis.

Sara has run workshops and presented for astrology associations around Australia, including Victoria, Newcastle, Tasmania, South Australia, and Queensland. She has had several articles published in Horizons and the FAA Journal, and since 2013, Sara has developed a following of her daily astrology posts on Facebook.

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