Understanding Chiron: First Things First

Presented by Zane Stein

Sunday 17th October
Venue – South Melbourne City Hall,
corner Bank and Fishley streets. The entrance (side) door is from Fishley Street.
MEL ref 57 G1 – Take the 112 Tram to Bank St

“One cannot understand Chiron in a chart until one first has an understanding of the chart basics”:

  • to introduce (or re-introduce) people to the chart of the ancients, which only included the planets out to Saturn
  • Zane brings in Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and builds on step 1!
  • Chiron is placed in the chart and Zane shows how he pulls everything together.

Cost to Members: $60 Non-Members $75

To book, contact Valeria Metter:
email: astroherald@hotmail.com
Tel: (03) 9598 3604 or Mob: 0401 144 571


Zane Stein ZANE STEIN – Coming to Australia
Born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA on 17th June 1951, Zane now resides in Marietta, Georgia.

He has been studying astrology since he was 18 and has studied Chiron since its discovery in 1977 when he contacted Dr Brian Marsden, then-head of the Minor Planet Centre at the Smithsonian astrophysical Observatory, who provided him with an ephemeris of this new body.

He formed The Association for Studying Chiron which published and distributed Chiron information and research worldwide. In 1983 Zane published the first Chiron reference, “Interpreting Chiron” which he included two years later in his book, Essence and Application:A View From Chiron.

Zane has lectured widely and is published author of books and articles and is known as the world’s leading astrological authority on Chiron. For his work in this field, he received the Canopus Award For Excellence in 1998. (from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)