VAA Workshop

Sunday 22 September 2019

10am to 4pm

Spiritual Guardians. Numerology Workshop

Presented by Dr. Neil Hair

This workshop is ideal for individuals seeking insight into parent-child relationships and pathways for creating security. The workshop is also ideal for parents seeking a deeper understanding of their guardianship role with their children to help them advance along a true path in life.

Major themes include — parents as role models for a child’s inner and outer development; the inner and outer world experienced by an individual as defined in the numerology birth chart; correlations with astrological symbolism and the astrology birth chart; creation of security on all levels of life – physical, mental, emotional and material; exploring positive pathways supportive of major life goals; and sabotage patterns that can subvert life goals and undermine security.

All participants receive a complimentary folder of theoretical material with space to write notes

Dr. Neil Hair

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