VAA Workshop

Sunday 14 April 2019

10am to 4pm

Predicting the Future With Three-Way Readings

Presented by Jessica Adams

If you want confirmation of a prediction using your birth chart, try a three-way reading — take a single Tarot card, and add a Sun Sign chart and a Natural House chart. It’s like seeing a second, third and fourth doctor for a professional opinion. It’s the best way to date-stamp specific forecasts for yourself, and for others, and it’s not hard to do.

Combining these three different methods of future prediction, we can cast our eyes on the United States. That 23-24 degree hotspot is most certainly timed to go off, and it may be that between all of us we can give a specific month and year for peak crisis.

All participants will take home a complimentary Astrology and Tarot journal to predict your future in May

VAA Workshop Jessica Adams April 2019

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