The July-August Eclipses of 2018 – Peter Burns – June 2018

The July-August Eclipses of 2018 – Peter Burns – June 2018


In this lecture, Peter Burns explores the 2018 July and August eclipses as well as the eclipses of January 2019. First of all, Peter revisits the 2017 eclipses discussed during his August 2017 VAA lecture, in particular, the famous “Great American Eclipse” on August 21 at 29 Leo.

The partial solar eclipse on 13 July 2018 was at 20⁰ 41’ Cancer, conjunct the fixed star Castor. It was followed by a total lunar eclipse on July 28 at 4⁰ 44’ Aquarius, and another partial solar eclipse two weeks later, on August 11, this time at 18⁰ 41’ Leo. Peter enlightens us with his take on them all.



About The Speaker

Peter Burns took up astrology in the late 1980’s and gained his Astrology Diploma (FAA) in 1997, and now runs correspondence courses in Horary Astrology, Palmistry and Astro-Palmistry.

He served as president of the Victorian Astrologers Association (VAA) 2006-2008, and has been the editor of the FAA Journal since 2000.Peter is dedicated to integrating the wisdom gained from modern astrology with traditional astrology and establishing a bridge of open-mindedness between the two points of view.