Membership of the Victorian Astrologers Association Inc. (VAA) is conditional upon adherence to the following code of ethics, as promulgated by the Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA).


Members should endeavour to promote the expansion of astrological knowledge by ensuring, when appropriate, that the general public is accurately informed about astrological practices. Both the FAA and VAA should discourage claims and attempts by unqualified persons to provide astrological services to the public.


The integrity of the profession of Astrology must be preserved and members, when acting in their professional capacity, are expected to behave in a manner which enhances and does not damage the status of the profession. The FAA National Council may be asked to assess the professional behaviour of members in this regard when called into question.


A member will first and foremost consider the well-being of the client, endeavouring to enhance the client’s understanding of his/her chart in a helpful, constructive manner, and placing the welfare of the client above the member’s self interest.


The member will take into account the reliability of the birth data, informing the client, if necessary, of interpretative limitations as a result of possibly inaccurate birth data. When a chart is rectified, the client must be informed and the rectification done by a recognised astrological method. The above requirements being satisfied, members will ensure the greatest possible accuracy in the erection of all astrological charts. The fact that a chart is computer generated will not obviate the responsibility to ensure accuracy. All astrological reports, oral or written, should be directly concerned with the astrological charts, maps or other tools under consideration and should be expressed as simply and unequivocally as possible with due regard for the state of the client.


All astrological consultations shall be considered confidential, unless this confidentiality physically endangers another person or is in breach .of any law. A member must not convey confidential communications from other astrologers to a client without permission from the authors of such communication. Confidential material about clients, which might lead to their identification, must not be published without their permission. Nothing in this clause will prohibit a member seeking advice or a second opinion from another professional astrologer who is also a member of a FAA affiliated association.


When commissioned to do predictive work, the member will ensure that the client is aware of the distinction between the astrological event, which can be calculated precisely, and its interpretation, which depends on the judgement of the individual astrologer. No member will claim to be infallible in the prediction of particular events using astrology or to be a fortune teller.


Members should endeavour to respect and help, where appropriate, fellow members in their pursuit of astrological knowledge, without bias in terms of divisions of astrology. If a member forms the opinion that a fellow member is behaving unethically and/or unprofessionally, s/he should first approach the member in a helpful way. If this proves to be ineffective, the member must (a) warn the fellow member of his/her intention to report the matter to the VAA committee and (b) should it become necessary, proceed with this action. The VAA committee must proceed to determine whether there has been a breach of the Code of Ethics and to impose penalties in accordance with the constitution.


All members must uphold the integrity of the FAA and its member associations by striving for the highest possible standards of astrological expertise and professional behaviour when representing the FAA or its member association.

No person shall represent the FAA unless approved by the National Council. No person shall represent the VAA unless approved by the VAA committee.